Can You Slow Down… Before The Countdown?

Welcome to Pleasure Island. We’re all Pinocchios distracted (and abused) by all the free apps on our smart phones making us dumb and dumber. Just like what happens to Lampwick.

Most people don’t slow down the pace of their life unless they’re sitting in their doctor’s office receiving the dreaded news of a life-threatening disease they have. Prevention is better than cure, but why prevent when there’s a cure right? YOLO.

Angry reactions have speed with very little thought. And more often than not, the reactions are followed by feelings of regret. These negative emotions are easy to acknowledge so we hide and suppress them. Do you know what people think of on their death beds? The things they regret the most. The dreams they did not pursue. That book they didn’t publish. The “I love you” s they didn’t say.

It takes slowing down to feel and process emotions. It takes slowing down in order to be present.

Image by Johan Desaeyere

What would it take for you to slow down? Why is slowing down the pace of your life important, especially if you live in a city?

When you live in a city, you’re in Pleasure Island like Pinocchio — full of endless distractions. And then some more. You cannot seem to control yourself. And more and more things are placed before your eyeballs. It’s the talk of the town. It’s on Facebook and the hottest new thing everyone is talking about and has… Except you. FOMO!

Multitasking is a must have on pretty much every job description. C’mon. You have two hands, two eyes, two legs, two ears. Of course you can multitask, right? When your mind can consciously hold only one thought at a time, kindly enlighten me how. So multitasking is the surest bet to failure if you’re looking to convert your thoughts and ideas into a physical reality in your 3D world.

Today if you’re not sitting in the dark, it’s thanks to Thomas Edison. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell you’re able to talk to any of your friends and family near or far. I’d say they were lucky they didn’t have distractions around them 24/7 or weren’t staring at a screen all day.

Which is exactly why they and a whole bunch of inventors were able to do what they did. They were focused. They were thinkers. Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.” As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Man! Do I appreciate that that guy had persistence, or else your eyes would hurt reading this on a bright screen sitting in the dark.

Focusing really asks that you slow down. In order to hold one thought at a time, it takes tremendous energy, at least initially, to train the brain to focus. It’s like building a muscle. You get tired when you train, right? You come back to it after a restful day. And then you focus on it again. One thought at a time is how you build the belief in yourself.

That’s why it’s important to slow down. The beta brainwave is a busy mind. The alpha brainwave is the slower, more creative one. You get new thoughts in alpha brainwave state. This is where you find creative answers to solutions. Your mind needs to be in relaxed state where new thought energy can flow. And ideas flow to us all the time. The question is are we deliberately slowing down ourselves to reach the alpha brainwave state for us to receive them? It’s like the old-school radio where you have to tune into a certain frequency in order to catch a certain broadcast.

Meditation is one of the most helpful tools to train your busy mind to focus. Listen to this guided meditation to help you understand how you can choose to not be controlled by your thoughts.

Meditation is also one of the best tools to help you slow down your thoughts enough to catch yourself while you’re about to form a belief. I find it fascinating how the mind works and how, when trained, it can be your best friend. You might find this story helpful:

Chapter 6 in my book WIRED FOR SELF-LOVE is dedicated to research and case studies on Meditation as well as steps on how you can start incorporating it in your daily life. Slowing down helps you connect with the wisdom in you and creative new ideas.

A little stress is healthy. A lot of stress is bad for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. A fast-paced city life is very artificial. It trains us to live a life where out of alignment with who we are.

I live in Hong Kong. And I’ve seen people quit their corporate jobs where there’s no room for acknowledging the self, let alone caring for one’s mental wellbeing. Hence the need to slow down in order to get in touch with yourself.

Are you looking for a change in your personal life?
Would you like to start a business?
Would the quality of your life improve with the presence of a loving relationship?
Do you want to start a new career?
Do you want to live your life more in alignment with your values?

If yes, then please don’t put this off. Take a chance and reach out. Change takes time. A transformed you awaits you in 2022.

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I’m a chai-sipping, yorkie-petting, unstoppable poet, author, self-love advocate, and relentless courtship and relationship coach. I share my insights and wisdom on relationships from cultivating presence through mindfulness practices over nine years, spending a lot of intentional alone time doing deep spiritual healing work. My book — WIRED FOR SELF-LOVE is available now on Amazon!

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