What Men Are Pleading Women To Do

9 things men are begging you to do because they want to love you well

Neha Sonney, Speaker
6 min readJun 12, 2022


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This article is for ladies genuinely seeking a relationship. Thank you for being here.

Maybe you’ve been hurt in your past relationships.

Maybe someone made promises to marry you and then they fled on your wedding day.

Maybe you’ve been cheated on and treated poorly.

Does that mean your future experiences will be the same as your past?

Most of my past relationship experiences were negative — including family and friends. I was groomed to attract them because my relationship with myself was suffering. Does that mean all my future relationships would be negative? Does that mean I have the right to be so angry and upset with people who hurt me that I don’t take any responsibility to heal myself? Where does my power lie?

Who’s gonna rescue me? I was in that space for a very long time until I realized I had to be my own hero.

Do I have the power to do something or change something at my end so that I’m not affected by negative experiences as much?

Can I maintain a positive outlook toward relationships while I work on myself and be ready to welcome love into my life?

One of the most painful lessons you’ll learn about relationships is this:

People can only give of what they have. If they have anger and hatred inside them, that’s what they will bring. Hurt people will hurt People. We’re like cups. Whatever is inside us will spill out in our encounters with others.

You have to do your bit to heal yourself so that you a) stop hurting yourself and b) be open to others and better experiences.

Ladies, this article is a plea from men to you. Having been in a relationship where I’ve experienced surrender and complete acceptance, I know there are men who want to love you well.

Say if you have been having sex with a man and waiting on him to show up for you and he doesn’t, then you’re the one settling for his bullshit. Who is to blame? Women who refuse…



Neha Sonney, Speaker

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